Janajpacha Community (Cochabamba – Bolivia)

More than 20 years ago, in a 7-hectare area in the middle of the mountains of Cochabamba, the environmentalist movement Pachamama Universal started a life-centred project, to be in harmony with nature.

Janajpacha means “land without evil”. Land that, 10 years ago, the community (of about 10 to 15 members) decided to share with everyone: they founded the eco-hostel “Planeta de Luz”, since 2 years ago affiliated to the Hosteling International network. You go to this eco-hostel to have a direct contact with the land, with Mayan spirituality and with nature. There is no TV. Smoke, drugs and drink alcohol are not allowed. Food is organic or coming from peasant agriculture, and the hostel is surrounded by landscapes of an enormous beauty and cultural richness.

Eco-friendly architecture.

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