The Community Empowerment International Fund (La Limonada – Guatemala)

FAC provides low interest micro-loans for local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses

Micro-loans to start and grow businesses in La Limonada, fighting poverty in this vulnerable area of Guatemala Contribution by Samuel Brizuela, director of The Community Empowerment International Fund (FAC) La Limonada used to be nothing more than a ravine running through Guatemala City, Guatemala. During a decade-long civil war which began in the 1950’s, many […]

The Working World (Buenos Aires – Argentina)

Solidarity based finance working for recovered enterprises and cooperatives. In 2002, Argentina was beset by a devastating economic crisis, the worst in its recent history. The peso-dollar parity was abandoned, the banking sector collapsed and the economy went into severe recession. In practically all the production sectors, enterprises -the majority of them factories- filed for […]

Estación A (Areguá – Paraguay)

Artesanias de comercio justo / Fair trade handicrafts

Fair trade and handicrafts, art and social transformation, culture and community-based tourism, childhood and environment. Realted links: – Official website – WFTO-LA (World Fair Trade Organisation –Latin America)   A full article about this initiative is coming soon. Follow us on Facebook and or Twitter email in order to know when it happens.